I interviewed one of my clients Colin Hanley about BECOMING the person that is capable of running the kind of business you want to run and the before and after difference that made to his business and his work life balance. Colin’s business is now doing way more work but paradoxically he has more time! Colin talks about giving yourself the foundation for doing the things that need to be done and the importance of stepping back and getting your own headspace right.

Some of the things I loved from this interview:

  • Colins honesty as a business owner something we could do with more of
  • “I was making a balls of things from a good place”
  • “Personally I always knew I had potential – I just wasn’t doing the things I needed to reach that potential”
  • “My god the difference” (between the two periods)
  • “fear of saying ‘no’ and just trying to keep everyone happy”

Thank you Colin…