Start-Up Entrepreneurs: Structure a day-by-day plan to generate a full-time income without feeling like you might have to go back to a job!

I coach business owners of €5m+ businesses; it costs €6k+ to work with me.

But I keep getting requests from Start-Up Entrepreneurs. I’d love to help them but I don’t have the time and they don’t have the budget.

While most of the Start-Up Entrepreneurs that contact me don’t like to admit it…. When I drill into the REAL frustration with them it comes down to wanting to structure a day-by-day plan to generate a full-time income without feeling they might have to go back to a job.

So here’s what I’ve done to help. I have taken my learnings from:

  • Building and selling two multi-million dollar businesses
  • Success stories and feedback from readers of my book “The Game Changer Formula”
  • Hundreds of coaching sessions with successful Entrepreneurs
  • Sailing across the Atlantic without having a clue how to sail

And I have developed a simple e-learning program to solve this issue for Start-Up Entrepreneurs. Its called: The Start-Up Prosperity Formula.

Thursday March 11th  (tomorrow) I am opening it up for 72 hours for beta access – I want to get 12 Start-Up Entrepreneurs from different areas of business to join me for a series of live Zoom calls as ‘founder members’ who can give feedback on the process so that I can tweak it before official launch.

Over the rest of March we will cover the 3 steps in the formula:

  1. Vision Mapping
  2. Daily Success Structure
  3. The Consistency–Efficiency Loop

All calls will be recorded for review inside a private membership area with tools and downloads.

Are you interested? OR,  do you know someone else who may be interested?

If so just email me >>HERE with “founding member” in the subject and we can discuss and make sure this program will work for you and your business.