We all must navigate our own ship of life. In this book Rory’s smart insight is invaluable – as is the way he shares it. A must read.

— Enda O’Coineen, Entrepreneur & Publisher, Business Post

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Predictable success for you, your family, and your business

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About the book

Forget the idea that you can create success in your life simply by setting a goal and using your willpower. You’ve tried that before, and it doesn’t work. There is another way. Whether your goal is to look after yourself, improve relationships, or build a successful business, the Game Changer Formula is a solution for predictable success. The Game Changer Formula has four components:
— Vision
— Mindset
— Energy
— Accountability
Rory Prendergast developed the formula from his successes, failures, and adventures, including sailing across the Atlantic Ocean. In this book he explains how to integrate it into your life using 10 simple daily habits. The Game Changer Formula has proven successful for people who have used it. Their stories and Rory’s insights will help you understand the power of this new formula. If you implement the Game Changer Formula, it will change your life.

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A man goes to sea for reasons that are not entirely clear.  He takes his Penelope with him; together their odyssey brings them to new territories, mostly within themselves.  Like Erik Weihenmayer’s Adversity Advantage, Rory Prendergast comes to ‘self help’ with his own truth, the humility that comes with mature understanding, and the courage of his convictions. Prendergast updates the efforts of predecessors – from Ben Franklin to Dale Carnegie to Stephen Covey – for an era where change comes daily, seemingly minute by minute.  Highly recommended.
Robert Rosenberg
Robert Rosenberg,
entrepreneur-in-residence, Portershed, Galway, Ireland
Before I read The Game Changer Formula I thought I was organised, productive and maximising my time in work and with family. Having read the book and started the process, I have seen significant improvements within weeks and can see how I will make further improvements
Neil Blumenthal
Ollie Walsh,
CEO, PiPiT Global
You might have to read 20 individual books to get all of the information packed into "The Game Changer Formula" and you still would not get the results that this book offers. Rory Prendergast has packaged it in a way that the sum of the parts is greater than the whole. This is an essential book for those who want to achieve more with their lives
Jim McCann
Dr. Greg Heaslip,
CEO, PlanDomino
Thank you Rory for spearheading this project, your openness and honesty has shown me that mental focus and clarity is possible and I can remove some “old, deep-rooted baggage” that bogs me down and prevents me from being the best version of myself
Jim McCann
Claudia Hutchinson,
Company Owner at PinPoint Local
Rory has had such a wild and varied work/life journey with many successes along the way, and it's great to see him distilling his learnings into a repeatable "Game Changer Formula" for this book
Marne Levine
John Breslin,
Educator, Engineer and Entrepreneur
Hey Rory, love the book, simple advice, easy to read and put into action. Every student leaving school should get a copy of this to help them kick-start their journey. Well done, keep it up
Kristin Lemkau
Gerard Cox.
CEO, Intuity Technologies
As a dad with young kids, a partner working in the corporate world and my own tech start-up to run this book provided essential lifehacking tips and a framework for productivity and balance
Ted Mathas
Liam Lynch,
CEO, FleetOps
We all must navigate our own ship of life. But it’s Stupid not to learn from others. In this book Rory’s smart insight is invaluable - as is the way he shares it. A must read
Dave McKay
Enda O'Coineen,
Entrepreneur & Publisher, Business Post
There is no one who hasn’t felt the struggle to build a successful, fulfilling life while coping with the stress of maintaining it. Rory’s steps to keeping that balance without the battle will no doubt transform the way many approach this goal
Dave McKay
Andrew Bayne,
Senior Attorney, The Bayne Law Group
Implementing the morning routine described in The Game Changer Formula has been monumental to me personally and for my business growth. I have no doubt if you follow Rory’s proven steps your productivity and happiness will improve simultaneously
Dave McKay
Deborah Clarke,
Author, Live Your Dream and Purposeful Job Search

What’s in the book

I. Your Operating System

It is time to look at what drives successful change, and why people so often fail when they commit to goals despite incentives and strong motivation. The concept I’m about to explain should unquestionably be taught in schools, in my opinion, but it never is. In fact, you are probably among a tiny percentage of people who has even heard of it, never mind done anything about it. To achieve your potential, you must understand a little about how your mind works. This chapter looks in particular at the subconscious mind: how it impacts your life, and how you can train it to help realize your ambitions. These subliminal aspects of everything that happens to us may seem to play very little part in our daily lives. But they are the almost invisible roots of our conscious thoughts. —Carl Jung


What makes the Game Changer Formula different is that it is designed to be sustainable and continuous. It does not rely on your willpower. I developed it after years of trying to find a system that could produce the results I was looking for across all aspects of my life. The Game Changer Formula has improved my relationships with my wife and my son. It has brought me many new and profitable business opportunities. It has increased my productivity by about 50 per cent. It has made me fitter, faster, and more flexible at 50 years of age than I have ever been before. It has had a giant impact on my self-confidence and on my attitude to the world. It has helped me to see life as an exciting and adventurous game that can be won. So if life is a game, then this is the Game Changer Formula:


III. Dealing with Stress

The Game Changer Formula will enable you to turn an unsatisfactory life story into a remarkable one. Stress can bring that unsatisfactory story back, threatening your achievement of predictable success, so it is important to deal with it. Stress is prevalent in our lives today. I’ve devoted this chapter to the challenge, so that you can minimize stress in your life.
Stress is caused by being “here” but wanting to be “there”. —Eckhart Tolle
Acute stress is a physiological reaction that prepares your body to deal with threats. We know it as the fight-or-flight response. It is triggered by the release of a hormone that prepares you for action by speeding up your heart, increasing your blood pressure, tightening your muscles, and pumping adrenaline around your body. In prehistory it may have saved your life if you were faced with a sabre-toothed tiger.

About the author

Rory Prendergast is an Irish entrepreneur who has built multi-million-dollar businesses in hospitality and ecommerce. He is currently CEO of a fast-growing international franchising company and is a keynote speaker at events in Europe and the USA.
Rory is also an adventurer. He sailed across the Atlantic Ocean twice and rescued someone from a prison in Thailand. His formula for predictable success, the Game Changer Formula, has been implemented successfully by people across the world.

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Predictable success for you, your family, and your business

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