Who Leads The Leader – You Do!

I realised that I had started in the wrong place, where most people start, leading others. In fact, what I now know is that I should have begun by leading myself.

For many years I tried to build confidence in myself as a leader, I had worked on leadership skills attended courses and read books. I made progress but didn’t build confidence.

If you think it’s important for your team members to show up at their best each day then shouldn’t you have a plan for showing up at your best? This is self-leadership.

“Exceptional leaders distinguish themselves because of superior self-leadership.” – Daniel Goleman

So what exactly are we talking about here?

There are 4 elements to self-leadership:

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11 Principals For Self Isolation – Learned At Sea

The last time I was in self-isolation I had no phone, no internet, no shops, no neighbours and no alcohol.

This is my third time being in self-isolation although the other two were by choice.

In 2008 my wife, Ursula, and I bought a 42-foot sailing yacht called Cerys intending to sail from the west coast of Ireland, across the Atlantic to the Caribbean, one way. There was one small problem—I didn’t know much about sailing and she had never been on a boat before. Continue reading “11 Principals For Self Isolation – Learned At Sea”