About Ruaidhri

I really thought I’d lead my first business to its full potential pretty quickly, but there was a problem...

I’d built a successful business but  still wasn’t free to do the things I wanted, I felt at sea without a compass because my goals were ever-changing, I was struggling against a tide of competing priorities and demands, I felt like I was the bottleneck to growth in my own business.


I have built and sold two multi-million dollar businesses. I launched a franchise company and catapulted it to the global stage within one year. I’ve skippered a boat across the Atlantic with no previous sailing experience. I’m the author of The Game Changer Formula and a qualified coach. But most of all I have the time to do the things ‘I’ want to do… in peace.

My long list of triumphs and rock-bottoms are your best asset.

Make Bigger Lives

Today I am on a quest to “Make Bigger Lives” for a million people around the world. That’s my vision, and it starts at home, making bigger lives for myself, my wife and my 10-year-old son.

How am I going to Make Bigger Lives for everyone else? Well, to be brutally honest, I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to get to the one million but one thing for certain, I can’t do it one person at a time.

That’s why I work exclusively with business owners. When I work directly with a business owner and make a bigger life for that one individual, it impacts many

  • It makes a bigger life for the business owner themselves
  • It makes a bigger life for the business owners family
  • It makes a bigger life for the employees, shareholders, customers and more

So by helping one, I get to ‘Make Bigger Lives’ for many.

I Help Business Owners in 3 ways.

Limited Availability

Private Clients

I coach 8 individual clients on a regular basis. I have found that eight is the optimum number for me to keep focused on at any one time so that means there's generally a waiting list so I have designed and built…


Training Programs

This is where I get to help groups of business owners achieve their goals by working through my training and group call coaching. This is usually focused around one particular need, for example, putting systems...

Time to Exit?

Exit Plan

We work with business owners who want to exit their business privately, making bigger lives for them by enabling them to step away from the business and enjoy life… at last!
When we buy a business we implement...