Every day without fail I use the same routine that has helped me build and sell 2 multi-million dollar businesses and sail across the Atlantic without having a CLUE how to sail.

I call it the daily 10 and here’s the first five elements (I do these in the morning before my family gets up):

1. Read my ‘Mindset Manual’ which programs me for success

2. 10 mins meditation using the Headspace App

3. 5 mins visualisation focusing on me, my family, my business and any important events that day

4. The daily debrief – where I learn from yesterday to make today a 10 out of 10 day

5. Exercise – for me that’s a 5k run and a dip in the cold Atlantic Ocean

This sets me up physically and mentally for the day….but there are five more elements. More about that next week in Part 2.