The Curse of Knowledge

Coaching perspective

Last week I sent out an embarrassing email. It was to share a video about my Simple Goal setting worksheet…you may have received it. What was embarrassing about it? I got a message back a few hours later from Monica who had noticed something odd.

My name was misspelled – It wasn’t just the email header – it was my whole f***ing Logo!

Coaching perspective

Thanks Monica.

That’s a logo I had designed and approved last summer and I’ve been using it since. I never spotted that the designer had left out an ‘r’ in my last name. It’s still on this email, it’s on my website (go check) and it’s on these new Daily Planners I just had printed (see below).

I had also missed an extra ‘r’ on my passport many years ago. I had flown all over the world in that seven-year period and my passport never matched my plane ticket. We had handed in our documents at forty different ports too as we sailed from Ireland down the coast of Europe, across the Atlantic and back. Nobody had noticed, at least no professional whose job it was to notice anomalies like that in travel documents. My father-in-law identified the error straight away when he saw my passport – which was 7 years old at that point.

My first reaction to Monica’s message was embarrassment, but I was just so close to my name. I couldn’t see the problem. Now I see it as an outstanding example of how we all find it difficult to see our business objectively when we are so close to it. For some reason I feel kind of…..attached to it.

It’s only when someone with an outside perspective can ask us the simple questions that we get to see all the angles. That’s what I do for other business owners but I couldn’t do it for myself.

My coaching clients often ask me “Why couldn’t I see that myself?” It’s because they are too close, they make so many assumptions and they don’t ask questions of themselves. I am on the outside and not emotionally attached, I lack the knowledge of the inner workings so I can’t make assumptions. That’s what gives me the ability to help. So even as a coach I have a coach just for perspective.

I help business owners see what they can’t see and I have a coach myself that does the same for me. Monica helps business owners tell what they can’t tell. She works with businesses to craft clear messaging that connects powerfully with their customers.

Here’s what Monica had to say about my embarrassing email, logo, and passport:

Messaging strategists call this The Curse of Knowledge – and most business owners suffer with it! 

When it comes to speaking about your own business, it feels like you’re inside the bottle trying to read the label. And you assume the other party knows what you’re talking about – you unknowingly assume that they have your insider knowledge.

Monica Sood, MonicaInk

Who can you talk to to help you see what you can’t see in your business?



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