No – You Don’t Need To Look For A Job

Start-Up Entrepreneurs: Structure a day-by-day plan to generate a full-time income without feeling like you might have to go back to a job!

I coach business owners of €5m+ businesses; it costs €6k+ to work with me. 

But I keep getting requests from Start-Up Entrepreneurs. I’d love to help them but I don’t have the time and they don’t have the budget.

While most of the Start-Up Entrepreneurs that contact me don’t like to admit it…. When I drill into the REAL frustration with them it comes down to wanting to structure a day-by-day plan to generate a full-time income without feeling they might have to go back to a job.


So here’s what I’ve done to help. I have taken my learnings from:

  • Building and selling two multi-million dollar businesses
  • Success stories and feedback from readers of my book “The Game Changer Formula”
  • Hundreds of coaching sessions with successful Entrepreneurs
  • Sailing across the Atlantic without having a clue how to sail

And I have developed a simple e-learning program to solve this issue for Start-Up Entrepreneurs. Its called: The Start-Up Prosperity Formula.

Thursday March 11th  (tomorrow) I am opening it up for 72 hours for beta access – I want to get 12 Start-Up Entrepreneurs from different areas of business to join me for a series of live Zoom calls as ‘founder members’ who can give feedback on the process so that I can tweak it before official launch.

Over the rest of March we will cover the 3 steps in the formula:

  1. Vision Mapping
  2. Daily Success Structure
  3. The Consistency–Efficiency Loop

All calls will be recorded for review inside a private membership area with tools and downloads.

Are you interested? OR,  do you know someone else who may be interested?

If so just email me >>HERE with “founding member” in the subject and we can discuss and make sure this program will work for you and your business.

This ‘Beta’ access closes at 12 midnight GMT on Saturday March 13th so share and email now.

Thank you



how you can create a structured day-by-day plan to generate a full-time income without feeling like you have to go back to a job.

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